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Inauguration Ceremony of the Sculpture of the World’s Largest Buddha Rock Statue

We are pleased to announce that the construction work of the world’s largest reclining rock Buddha statue was commenced on the rock located in the sacred site of the Sri Saila Bimbarama Purana Maha Vihara at the auspicious time of 3.06 p.m. on 29th November 2012. This site is located in the Dannoruwa Grama Niladhari Division of Ruwanwella electorate in the Kegalle District, Sabaragamuwa Province.

We are proud to mention that the Buddha statue will be created by a Sri Lankan sculptor along with his supporting sculptors. This will be a monumental gift to the future generations reflecting enormous talents of a Sri Lankan artist. It will make the 2600th Sambuddha Jayanthi a golden era, and enrich the entire world with happiness of enlightenment.


About the Project

photos of Inauguration Ceremony


You have the great opportunity to contribute to this righteous deed as follows:

The construction cost of one cubic feet of the statue is Rs. 50,000/-. (This amount may be paid in installments within 3 years.) If you contribute so, your name will be caved in an inscription located on the top of the rock, as per decision of the organizing committee.

Several donors can jointly contribute to the project by sharing the cost. (Their names will also be inscribed.)

This world’s largest Buddha statue located on a spectacular natural rock will inspire the minds of millions of Buddhist devotees in the future. This is a great opportunity open to you not only to record your name in the history, but also to join the construction of this statue to be worshipped over numerous centuries in the future.

Therefore, you are kindly invited to participate in this noble venture and acquire the merits so as to attain the supreme Nibbana. These merits will also be transferred to your departed relatives according to you wishes.

May Lord Buddha bless you!